This miscarriage outreach ministry is consecrated and dedicated to the One Almighty God.

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An outreach ministry supporting human dignity and respect for those who have experienced, are experiencing, or will experience the trauma of miscarriage.


What is a miscarriage?


A miscarriage or spontaneous abortion (medical term) is when a baby dies before the 20th week of pregnancy.

Every miscarriage experience is unique and different... just like every pregnancy and birth are unique and different experiences.

  • A Complete Miscarriage: When bleeding is heavy and continuing until the cervix opens and the baby and placental tissue leave the mother’s body.
  • Incomplete Miscarriage: Heavy bleeding followed by the baby and/or placental tissue leaving the mother’s body. A medical procedure may be required to stem the bleeding and/or remove the remaining placental tissue and/or baby.
  • Missed Miscarriage: The baby dies at least four weeks prior to the expulsion of the placenta and the baby’s body. Severe labor pains and heavy bleeding are often associated with this type of miscarriage.

A baby dies from a miscarriage every minute, every hour, every day in the United States of America. The shooting star on this home page represents the loss of a baby every minute you are reading this webpage.






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